Thursday, July 19, 2007


I was going to write a post yesterday in honor of my Dad's birthday but it seemed like everything I wanted to do was too emotional, too over the top. He's been gone now for...what...2 years now? Crazy. I still can't believe it.

I just got an email today from the New Orleans Saints organization (yes, I'm a football fan despite how sexist and evil the culture surrounding it can be) reminding me that training camp time is here. It got me thinking about how excited I get for football season and how my Dad and I used to compare notes. He'd bet on college football. Me, I'd bet on the pros. We'd discuss our 'systems'. He'd do something crazy with percentages and I'd do research on wins/losses and how particular teams would come out post win/loss on home or away turf. Neither of us won much with football. There was one year when I was very very close to winning $35,000 in the big 'pick your pros' contest but alas, I dropped the win. Papa would occasionally win a hundred bucks playing the poker machines (when he, ahem, wasn't supposed to be playing the poker machines. Ha ha! A secret revealed, Mama!). But no big wins, no early retirement.

Let it suffice to say, I miss him and love him dearly, kooky fella.


Ky said...

hello! i happened upon your site via andrea, and just about died when i saw your banner. was that photo taken at pancake circus in sacramento??!! great buckwheat pancakes there!

Ani said...

hi, Ky! thanks for stopping by. you are correct, it is the much beloved Pancake Circus of Sacramento. when we take her down to Fairytale Town, we always stop at the Circus. next time i'll definitely try the buckwheats.