Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hello, friends. I've been wanting to stop by and say something (anything!) but this week has been hectic. Work issues, a to-do list a mile long, sickness...yup. Busy.

So, Kidlet and Hubby are both sick before our big adventure to the Magic Kingdom. At least it's another week and a half off, but I worry about flying with Kidlet and the possibility of ear trouble. Yes, I said the Magic Kingdom. I've never been to Disneyland (only a quick trip to Disneyworld when I was about 24). I know many out there are cringing at the evil commercialization that Disney represents (and I cringe too) but I am fond of amusement rides and I think it'll be a hoot to see Kidlet running wild in that strange, artificial landscape. There is one thing that is totally bumming me out, the ride "it's a small world" is closed for updating. I adore Mary Blair; she's one of my favorite illustrators and she designed the ride. For a tip of the enviro hat, I'll be purchasing carbon offsets for our plane trip and guessitmating offsets for the rides we will be enjoying. Since I rarely travel by plane and haven't done the offset thing before, where do you suggest purchasing offsets?

My Polaroid has been shipped out and is on its way. Depending on its size, I may take it on our vacation to take a few vintage-y snaps. Where have you found Polaroid film in your neck of the woods? I haven't been out much this week, so I haven't had much opportunity to look. Maybe you could give me some tips and cut down my hunting time.

I'm still on my bike obsession. I just missed getting a gorgeous bike yesterday at a local fixer-upper shop. Sigh. Still looking for that magic bike that I will love and cherish (and will not need to save $3000 to buy).

Tomorrow, I have an assignment for you, should you choose to accept. :)


madre adoptiva said...

I have no idea what offsets are, so I'm not help there. I hope everything calms down for you so you can fully enjoy your trip to the Magic Kingdom. I'm excited to hear all about it.:)

emily said...

i've been getting my film on ebay. but if you find another source, will you let me know?

safe travels, friend. xo.

Rebecca said...

oh no, not the magic kingdom. i think i prefer marlon perking and the wild kingdom... and polaroid film, what kind? the fancy kind? likely. i see the regular kind at walgreens a lot.

Ani said...

ha ha, rebecca! i grew up in omaha and every time we drove by the mutual of omaha building, i used to wonder if marlon had an office in there. i did see as i was googling that walgreens was a possibility. i'll need to walk in...

thanks, emily! i'll keep you posted.

ahh, liz. thank you for the warm travel wishes. we'll send you a postcard!

Anonymous said...

I've been getting 600 film online at it was the cheapest I could find without having to stalk ebay, because I don't much like stalking ebay.