Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thank You...and a Garden Update

Thanks Raina, Claire and KM (nice to see you!) for helping me with my assignment. I need to actually do it now, no more excuses.

It's funny how anti-poetry (well, more like afraid of poetry) I was for so long and now that I've dabbled, I'm in love. I'm so excited that there is so much amazing poetry out there that I have yet to discover. Two ways that I get my poetry fix are catching the Writer's Almanac on NPR on the way to work (and if I don't catch it, I receive the email version too) and listening to the Poetry Off the Shelf podcast from poetryfoundation.org.

The roses are a'rambling in our yard which means lots of deadheading. I love deadheading the roses ever since Kidlet made it into a game. Sometimes we throw the petals up over our heads to watch them come down and make lovely coverings for our paths. Or we gather the petals and make rose cakes. I love the spicy scent of my hands after an evening of rose play.

The tomatoes have taken off their jackets (wallo' waters) and are now in their summer finery (cages). They are still runt-y but I have (great) hope for them.

We are going to have a record crop of grapes (thompson seedless). That's what I get for just letting them run wild instead of trying to train and trim them like wine grapes.

The blackberries...I keep my fingers crossed! As I believe I mentioned before, last year we had tons of flowers but little black crisps instead of berries. I've been watering religiously with every bit of water I can glean from the house (old dog water, bath water, unfinished glasses of drinking water, cooking water) aside from its regular twice-a-week watering. I just pulled out a bunch of sumac vines that were starting to entangle itself with the berry bush (and everything else in sight) so hopefully it will be even happier than it already seems to be. Just make it through our vacation week and I will give you so much and water and love, k?

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pricklypearbloom said...

All of the tomatoes I started from seed are runty too. The one I got from the market is rocking the house, though, which makes the others seem even that much more runty. I hope they start growing!