Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The two projects I jabber on about incessantly, finally photographed

Shibui sock for Hubby with phony cabling. I've got a looooong ways to go on account of dem size 14 paws.

And beloved my security blanket/scarf/wrap in the making. I look terrible in purple, but it seems like everything I'm drawn to lately is purple.

I'm already looking ahead to what my next large project will be after the Clapotis. I think I'm ready for my first sweater...perhaps Mr. Greenjeans, or maybe Tempest. I'm also going to start a tiny kitty for my Mom this weekend (ala this one). The original was made for her to put on her car dashboard but is far too large. Of course I will need to make one for Kidlet since every critter I make either needs to be especially for her, or I need to make a second one so she isn't left out. And of course she will promptly forget about it once it comes off the needles and it will join the ever growing collection of knitted critters on my desk.


Nessie Noodle said...

Mr. greenjeans is a great sweater! I have been itching to start knitting again, but I need yarn and needles for the projects I want to do- hurts when you have a drawer full of yarn and needles that dont work!

Rebecca said...

how do you like the clapotis? i have yarn to make one but never quite got the instructions. guess i should try again, right?