Monday, June 30, 2008

Vacation Recap

Well, back to normality (or what passes for normal 'round these parts). Sigh. I liked not having to make any decisions greater than "Shall I have the IPA or the wheat beer with my dinner?" or "Which ride shall we try to talk Kidlet into riding?" I make it sound like the trip was a breeze (it was not) but once I got into the proper spirit, it became easier.

As means of explanation, we are a quiet family. To be in an environment where everything is quickly paced and the volume is was a challenge to adjust. On the second night, it was when we were watching the electric parade that I had an "aha!" moment. Sitting on the warm pavement, watching wacky little cars covered in lights twirl to silly synthesized music I had a Burning Man flashback. And from then on, I was good. Yes, remembering a counter-cultural festival helped me find my way in a commercial mecca. From my years of Burning Man 'training', I've learned that sometimes you need to let go of all plans and schedules. Be prepared with a calm voice, water and snacks. When it gets overwhelming, step back for a while and hide in the dark of your cool motel room. Re-enter when you are ready. This advice to myself served me well.

Kidlet loved the parades best of all. I got teary-eyed watching her glow with amazement as each float rolled by. Riding the big ferris wheel at night, feeling the cool ocean-tinged breezes was another favorite for all of us. And wow, if you get a chance to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, do. Quite fun. The big roller coaster was pretty good...I give it a 'B'. Excellent start, but the second half of the ride was a bit flat.

Well, I was hoping to come back with one or two projects done, ready to present to y'all, but no. I was going to do a "Disneyland in 10 Polaroids a Day" series but that camera ended up being too heavy and bulky (not to mention all the film I was going to have to juggle through airport security). Then I thought I would do a drawing journal project. I took out my little journal the first morning, started doodling and then...there just wasn't enough time. Letting go of expectations, Lesson Number 7 (or was it 8?) learned.

I'm going to try and look at all of summer as 'summer vacation', despite the fact that I am still going to work and dealing with all the usual stuff (fixing the dented car, paying the bills). I need to carry the spirit of vacation as long as I can. Happy vacation, all!


Katie said...

Sounds like you all had fun. Isn't it amazing how something seemingly so small, trivial, and silly can bring you to tears? But in a good way?

Now, it sounds like you need a vacation to recuperate from your vacation!

Anonymous said...

I always think I am going to do more "project" stuff when I am on vacation than I ever end up doing.

Sounds like you had a nice time.