Thursday, July 03, 2008

What I Will Do with my Long Weekend

1. Take Kidlet to the parade, although I feel she will be sorely disappointed after the parades she saw in Disneyland last week.

2. Keep computer time to a minimum.

3. Go to the farmer's market for fruit.
3a. Hoping for strawberries to make the famous strawberry freezer jam that is flying high on the blogging airwaves.
3b. Hoping for blueberries because I love them.

4. Drink a happy drink.
4a. Wine!
4b. Beer!
4c. Coffee!

5. Get my hair cut.

6. Install an air conditioner (we finally caved in).

7. Start knitting another bird for possible inclusion in the state fair (and for giving to a small person for his birthday next month).

8. Break open another pack of Polaroid film.

9. Buy more film.

10. Make the much beloved (but rarely made) peanut butter rice crispy treat ice cream sandwiches.

What do you have planned?


madre adoptiva said...

Hey! We wanted to hit the parade too! Hit me up if you want to meet up. :)

Bean said...

are you guys going to the concert at wingfield on saturday, too? my friend's gypsy band is playing!

you should let us know what time you're planning on going to the market, too - we can meet you there! we live within walking distance ;)