Monday, July 21, 2008

Rain and Rides

The air is thick with the scent of rain this morning. A giant flash of lightning roused me from a dead sleep. I thought it was my alarm at first (as I have a Moonbeam Clock) but I realized it wasn't 6 a.m.. I waited for the thunder. A low, long rumble rolled through the sky. I love summer storms just as long as they don't spark a fire in the hills.

A couple of battered blooms to start off yellow week. I'm loving the hunt for yellow.

I'm dreaming about bikes. Really. I wake up and feel like I pedaled a leg of the Tour. I test-rode several this weekend and they are all lovely. Trying to decide which direction to go...flat bar road bike or drops? Touring? Cyclocross? I have to say, cyclocross bikes are winning my heart as you can do just about anything on them. I like to be prepared.


Anonymous said...

ooh, nice yellow!

I just love summer storms too. The smell, the electricity, the cool that usually comes after them.

Rebecca said...

the smell of rain and the sounds of thunder are music to my ears. oh i hope you make the best decision for you with the bike. really wish i'd gotten something other than a mountain bike. would prefer a retro touring bike with a few speeds and slick 'em road tires instead of nubby ones. like i ever thought i'd be doin any trail ridin?

Katie said...

Send some of that rain down here our way, would ya?!