Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yellow: Mediocre

Or how about 'Yellow: Medi-ochre'? Bwa ha ha...I crack myself up.

When the yellow challenge was set, I started looking around my everyday surroundings. I knew I would capture some of the many, many yellow flowers that have overtaken my yard. But what else? Oh! I have brilliant idea! Take a photo of the curb! It was so much cooler in my head, but when it came, not so much. I've taken so many yellow photos today but none of them made me proud. I'm sure I could have done better if I got over my "I feel so goofy (fill in awkward position here) taking photos of (fill in mundane subject here)" feelings. Tomorrow is another day. Another golden, sunny day.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet blog you have. The yellow flowers and stairs defiantly seem striking.

raining sheep said...

I have decided that yellow is hard...I have also noticed that I don't have a lot of yellow flowers in my garden!! I think I should definitely go over and steal some of yours...this yellow theme is really challenging me this week.

Anonymous said...

taking a photo of the curb crossed my mind too! I like yours. I couldn't seem to wrap my head around how to make it work.

Rebecca said...

its difficult taking a photo "on demand." can't think of one yellow thing in my life, but the curb idea was great!