Friday, July 18, 2008

Good Morning Glory

I've emerged from my 'quiet time' feeling a bit more refreshed. I forget that it's good to shut up every once in a while. I didn't make it as long as I thought I was going to, but I think I've stepped back long enough.

I didn't do much during my quiet time except just live daily life: work, shuttling the small one to school, going to outdoor and family events. I've been thinking more, doing less. Keeping my eyes open and trying to soak up inspiration. Speaking of inspiration, if you haven't already been visiting, you should make your way over to echoes. Wow. And I'm kick starting my photo brain coming up for ideas for Tracy's yellow week. I've got 3 in my head already.

Still waiting for my tomatoes and blackberries. Still deciding on the 'perfect' bike. Still haven't set a toe in a cool lake. In other words, same ol', same ol'.

A small list...

--Listening to Dr. John's Gris-Gris a bunch. Something about that slow-as-molasses swampiness is working for me.

--Trying to plan a family 2.5 day vacation. Originally San Francisco but nary an affordable motel room to be had. Now I'm floundering.

--Read: A Book of Bees by Sue Hubbell (thanks, Bekka!) and (reread) The Summer Book by Tove Jansson of beloved Moomin fame. Both were so very good. Perfect summer reads. Almost done with Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers. What a bizarre book, but good. This past year, I watched the film for the (maybe?) first time and really, really loved it (Julie Andrews, you rule my school. Dick Van Dyke, you are quite a handsome devil.). Getting ready to reread The Great Gatsby and (an as of yet unchosen) Hemingway. I'm really enjoying rereading books that I tore through in my teens and catching all the nuances that flew right by me as a young person.

--Dreading going back to school. Yeah, I like to start my dread early. Can I really manage two classes that require tons of writing? Aieeeee.

Ok, that's what I've been up to...what do you have on deck for the weekend? I'm just going to drift and see where it takes me.


Rebecca said...

so glad you had your quiet time. is gris gris the new dr. john? we love dr. john in our house.

Anonymous said...

ooh, looking forward to what you have for yellow!

ah, young dick van dyke was a pretty one, huh. :)

raining sheep said...

Welcome back. I loved the book of bees. Yellow week - I have to check that out. You have some amazing shots on flickr so I am looking forward to what you come up with.