Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Walk Around the Yard

It's the height of summer and I'm looking at the yard thinking "hmmm...what do I need to do to make the yard better next year?" I like to make our yard hospitable for wildlife. This year, I'm seeing an absence of bees but more butterflies. Tons of birds (as always) and last night we even saw a toad. Here's what I want to add, some for beauty, some for critters...

--Clematis. A neighbor has one growing all over the remnants of a dead tree and dang, it's amazing. I tried one once and it promptly shriveled up and died.

--Cosmos. They used to be plentiful in our yard but they have disappeared. Maybe the birds ate the seed?

--Mums. I buy 'em at the store sometimes and try to put them in the garden and...you guessed it, they shrivel up and die. But I am ever hopeful. Try, try, again.

--Queen Anne's Lace. There's a ton out here by work. Thinking about collecting some seed and sowing it. So pretty.

--More poppies! My fave!

--More gladiolas. I have a lovely stray peach gladiola that I always forget until this time of year when it pops out in all its peachy-ness.

--Wildflower Mix. I've annually tossed it all around the yard with varying results. I think I'm going to try a different brand this year. 3 years ago the brand that I've been staying true to did me well. Ever since, I've got nothing. Hoping to get some more bees with the right mix.

--Peony. Peony. Peony.

--Less yellow! A funny thing to say during yellow week, but all I have in my yard is yellow with a smattering of white.

Are you making plans for fall planting? I always think when fall rolls around I'm going to remember what I think I might want for the next season and I'm always way off since everything has died back by that point. It's good to take notes now.


raining sheep said...

I am with you on the garden planning thing. It was actually nice yesterday (unbelievable!!). We have not had hail for a week (unbelievable!) so I scrutinized by flower beds trying to decide what is missing. Alas, it is always a mystery as to what will make it through the winter. My back faces south so most perennials came up, but my front...a different story. Most died over the winter.

Nessie Noodle said...

We have a ton of bees in the front yard all over our lavendar. beautiful buzy honey bees. It is awesome! If you want some of ours we have some thinning that needs to be done in the front (if I can get out there when the bees aren't- a little mid night gardening to make the neighbors really think we are crazy!) I want Peony as well- I forgot to look for those while at the nursery last weekend....

Anonymous said...

great post! I love queen anne's lace. Just be careful with the leaves, I hear it can cause photodermatitis. Potentially. I would love some in my yard, as well as poppies and peony. I miss some of the flowers in our old yard.