Monday, July 28, 2008

Say Hello to Jake

I did it. I am now a happy bike owner, once again.

I need to take it back down to the shop to get the brakes adjusted since not having much in the way of brakes makes for an interesting ride when flying down a hill. But all in all, it's very good. I was going to wait for the back order on a sexy Italian bike, but I decided to get the one that I actually was able to take on a test ride. It feels like a Cadillac, smooth and strong. My body, on the other hand, is not so smooth and strong.

I am so out of shape. Before Kidlet, I was a yogini. I'd finish work and go to yoga class a couple times a week (ahhh, back in the days when I had something called "free time"). And before my plantar fasciitis came on strong, I was a runner. I miss yoga but I miss running most of all. I distinctly remember one of the last long distance runs I did, a 12 mile run on trails with Kiko amongst the sunflowers. I was trying to train for a full marathon but my body was breaking down so I abbreviated my goal and managed to do the half. I hope my bike and I will become as good of friends as me and my running shoes once were.


Anonymous said...

seriously, i cannot imagine that you are out of shape after being the amazing yogini AND a runner. rebecca aka bekka

Nessie Noodle said...

sweet ride.

I am having plantar fascitis in my right heel since being preggers. I am hoping once I am done and back to my normal weight it will go away... wearing my orthodics helps too, but that means wearing shoes that actually have to be tied, and that is so not happening with the baby bump in the way right now!

enjoy your new toy and ALWAYS wear your helmut :)

emily said...

hi jake! congrats ani. sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun with this new friend.

Anonymous said...

ooh, congrats on the bike! I'm sure your relationship will be long and prosperous.

raining sheep said...

Congratulations on the bike...I am planning to train for a duathlon sometime next summer and I bought a new bike in the fall of last year. I still remember that excitement.

tifanie said...

wow, i commend you on how active you are. i used to be a yogini too, but my wrists have gotten too weak, so i've taken up running. i had plantar fasciitis as well, but what helped was skiing of all things! i was using my foot muscles so much skiing, that somehow the plantar f. just went away. also, i got rid of my ugg boots and started going barefoot more often and wearing moccasins without soles. anyway, just a thought. good luck with the bike! i'm longing to buy one as well.