Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good Night Sweetheart

An impromptu night of backyard camping. The new(er) neighbors in the rental quieted down just as it got dark. Kidlet was fidgety and talking, talking, talking.

"Is that a planet? Is that one a planet too? Are they all planets?"
"Sweetie, there aren't that many planets in our solar system. That one looks like Venus and that one looks like Mars. The rest are stars. Or airplanes."

Yip, yip, howwwwwwl....a coyote chimes in with the crickets. We sleep in the cool night air.

Kidlet loved it.

Me too.


Rebecca said...

envy. i miss sleeping outside. would have to do it on my own. DH loathes outdoors cause everything is drawn to him and bites him.

Katie said...

I want to do that too! I can't convince my husband of its "coolness" so I may have to rough it alone...

Nessie Noodle said...

we were just talking about doing this last night! We get new grass in the yard soon and that will make it all the more comfy :)

hasn't it been wonderful outside the past few nights?

Anonymous said...

That sounds way fun. And the photo looks very vintage. :) Backyard camping is so cute. I don't think I've ever actually done it. We had a great backyard for it when I lived at home, but now, in the city, we've lived on corners for years and so people walking and traffic are right there if we camp in the backyard. Kinda takes the kitch out of it.

madre adoptiva said...

MMMMMMM... makes me homesick. ;0)