Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Summer? Suuuummmmmerrrrrr....?

We're having a late-running Spring, methinks. A couple days of hot are followed by a week of cool, breezy weather. I'm certainly not complaining but I am looking forward to summer.

Eating outside every night.
Tank tops and skirts.
Finally being able to put my spindly tomatoes in the ground.
Camping? Please!
AND a new summer postcard swap put together by the illustrious Hula!

This morning I got an idea for the swap. So. Excited. You should join!

I'm daydreaming about bicycles too. I think I'm going to start the long, hard road of saving my money for the bike to last me the rest of my life. I had a Bridgestone bike that I adored (oh! to see it again made my heart skip a beat...I had the blue/green one); I never was going to need another bike again. Unfortunately, it was stolen out of the back of our house in New Orleans. When we moved, I purchased a Gary Fisher mountain bike, thinking I was brave and skilled enough to go mountain biking. That bike has never fit me properly, I've no desire to go mountain biking and the thought of riding it makes me cranky. While trolling the internet for Bridgestone bikes, I found the designer has his own shop. So pricey, but so perfect. Exactly what I am looking for. To save that much money will take a long time, but perhaps by the time I have it saved, I'll have time to ride the bike too. :) Or maybe I should just hit ebay to find my old ride.


raining sheep said...

I bought a beautiful road cycling bike last's fabulous, a woman specific Cannondale...I am scared to ride it...the clips scare me to death. So, I am going to take a private ridalong instructor with me and learn how to ride!

Rebecca said...

oh, i hope you get the bike of your dreams. i'd love to ride mine instead of driving, but the road i live on is unsafe and i'd have to many bus/major thoroughfares to cross to get to work. and in my current condition? just don't think it's safe for me to bike too great a distance from home. but that's me! you have a ball!

Dan said...

I tried to comment a couple days ago but was denied.

Anyway, I used to also have a Bridgestone (RB-3) that was my favorite bike ever--I junior-raced on it and rode it from Mt Lassen to the coast through redwoods. I sold it in high school for $50.

I too salivate over the Rivendells, but just copied their idiosyncrasies on the cheap with my new-old bike. If I ever get a new-new bike, maybe it'll be one of those.

In the meantime, also check out and for other nifty and pricey bikes.