Friday, November 03, 2006

Five Words

1--Photos. Dang, I really really really want to start taking more photos. I was a photo major in college for a while (in between French, English, and now I'm a History major). I miss the weekends in the darkroom, the acrid smell of the chemistry, checking test strips and best of all ...the magic of getting the photo you were hoping for! I also love digital photography because by nature I'm impatient and hate waiting for a lab to send back (or destroy--but that's a horrible story) the results.

2--Slackin'. I've been slackin' on thie blog. I guess my mood hasn't been the best as of late and I don't feel like I would be 'planting positive seeds' by kvetching about it here.

3--Dancing. We've been reading Angelina Ballerina and now kidlet wants to be a dancer too (an aside: I don't dig the commercialness of the Angelina empire, but I do like the book). Luckily, we're hitting this interest at the perfect season. I just ordered Balanchine's Nutcracker on DVD. I can't wait to show it to kidlet! I loved going to see the Nutcracker with my parents way back when in Omaha. They had a pretty good production at the old Orpheum theater. The Christmas tree growing out of the stage...magic! I'll fall on the floor with glee when kidlet is old enough to see a real production.

4--Muffulettas, baby. Try this recipe. Really. This is the best sandwich in the world and I will be making a slew of them this weekend. This recipe is the closest I can find to the ol' Central Grocery flavor.

5--Stormy. LOVING the cloudy, rainy weather. I like my seasons to follow the traditional form. You know, autumn is for blustery cool days with rain. Round these parts, fall is usually just an extension of summer: sunny and warm. I like a cloudy week or two. Yes, indeed.

Enjoy your weekend, my friends. Hopefully, I won't fall into a quivering mass in the office on Monday due to my insanely busy weekend that I have up ahead of me. Must keep eye on the prize...muffulettas and beer (or wine, I love thee).


Nessie Noodle said...

yes, the weather has been perfect hasn't it?
I love walking in the momrning rain!

have a wonderful friday...

(I *almost* had a minor in art, due to all the photog class I took in college...yes more photos more photos)

Knitting Momma said...

Sometimes it's okay to not plant positive seeds, you know. I'm guilty of that...and no one is perfect!

Sending you [hugs] and good wishes from warm, sunny Omaha!!

The Whole Self said...

i just got so excited when i read "orpheum" because we have our own here in boston, and i thought for a split second that you would be close and we could meet.


always lovin' your five words.