Thursday, November 09, 2006


You'd think I was working toward PhD, the way I rant on about school. Nope. Just a little BA (heh heh) so I can then get a Masters as either an Archivist or in Library Sciences. Anyway...
I finished writing my paper for my class last night. Now it's just a test and then I have a break (YAY!!!) until I decide I'm ready for another online class. This class would have been long over had it not been for a 38 inch high imp. That's ok though. If I didn't try to work on school now, in five years I'd look back and say, "dang, I could have almost been done with school (and have a new career) by now". Keep on, keepin' on...

My head is full of ideas this morning. As soon as I get the photos scanned in, I'm going to do some 'long lost friends' posts in the hopes that maybe one of these folks will be googling themselves, find my post and then get in contact with me. I can always hope, eh?

Then I found a perfect oak leaf on my walk in to work this morning. I decided I'm going to clean off all the junk on my work desk and start a little seasonal display of stuff I collect from outside. It's an idea that was kind of sparked by The Children's Year (full of good ideas, this book is).

Ok, it's an uber-hectic day here so off I go. You can stop by flickr if you want any gory details of what is on my desk.


Knitting Momma said...

A "little" BA??? NO SUCH THING!! You go, momma/wife/student/worker bee. Just think how wonderful break will feel when it comes.


bekka said...

keep on truckin! can't wait to add you to the ranks of wonderful archivists and lovely librarians!