Friday, November 10, 2006

Five Words

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Hip hip horray! It's Friday! Let's all do a bed jump in celebration...

1. Nora--Yes, that's the cute dog on the bed. She went to the vet this week to get routine bloodwork for her hip medicine and our beloved vet, said that Nora is doing well (Nora has cancer, for those who just tuned in). My hypochondria has expanded to my dog and this assuages it for at least 5 minutes. I sure do love that silly, sweet dog.

2. Thanksgiving (planning stage)--So excited. I really do love Thanksgiving. I'll save the stories for the actual day but right now it's planning. Lists! Recipes! I'll be making my super easy, super yummy cranberry sauce. I was tempted by another recipe but I think I'll just make that one just for fun, not for the holiday when everyone is expecting the usual. Last year , I made an amazing mushroom stuffing that will now be a feast staple. I think we will also be cubing some butternut squash, tossing it in olive oil, rosemary and sea salt and roasting it till tender. Hubby and I only eat seafood so I think we'll do some salmon and let someone else take care of the turkey. I made the turkey for the first time last year, and, well, it made me cry with anger. It told me it was done and then it wasn't. Delayed feast. Wine was imbibed. Mushroom stuffing was eaten and all was better.

3. Leaves--Must. Rake. Leaves. The trees are almost done with their drop which makes me sad. Now it will be bare trees for months. Time to get to work and sow the seeds for the summer flowers. Whew. Busy weekend ensues.

4. EARLY!--I hear we're closing up early today! Hubby and I may sneak out for sushi!!!!!! Woo hoo! Hope it all works out...

5. Bloggy friends--I really dig y'all. It's been so much fun seeing little bits of other people's lives, exchanging support and inspiration. Love it!

Hugs and cozy weekend fun to all!

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