Friday, September 21, 2007

Ani's Almanac

I love the Old Farmer's Almanac. I haven't purchased one in years, but I think I may when I pick up the groceries tomorrow. Perhaps I'll try growing next year's garden according to their hocus pocus-y sounding advice. But on to my almanac. I noticed that this year the trees started turning on the mountaintop two weeks earlier than last year. We had a brief storm that blew in yesterday where the mountains were socked in with thick, steely clouds. When they receded this morning, snow was on the mountaintop. I forecast a heavier winter, although just about anything would be heavy compared to last year. Please start knitting your woolly socks and hats now. Hmmm...despite the fact that I'm buried in schoolwork and two other knitting projects, maybe I'll take my own advice and cast on the Jaywalkers (finally).

Ani's Almanac: weekend forecast good for baking apple pie. Sadly, I won't be able to follow my own advice, too many things to do this weekend already. Maybe you will bake? Save me a slice, ok?


Nessie Noodle said...

ooh apple pie sounds devine. If I make a piece will you stop by and visit for slice and tea?

have a good weekend ani!

justin said...

Supposed to be a heavy winter here up North as well.

No apple pie for me this weekend, I'll be putting my life into little. tiny. boxes.

Go see Stardust with Gerg!