Monday, September 10, 2007

Balloon Love

Twas a very nice weekend. We had a great crew with us on Sunday A.M. for balloonacy, cookies and coffee. This was the first year I was into the photography thing and I took 80 photos(!). For more photos, go here. (Doh! I had lost my's there now.)

This weekend I also...

baked a lovely loaf of bread

made a yummy salad of spinach, pears, goat cheese, walnuts with balsamic vineagrette

actually bought a fancy-esque outfit for a wedding we will be attending so I won't have my usual gee-the-only-thing-I-have-to-wear-is-this-grease-stained-skirt-and-this-somewhat-fancy-t-shirt-freak-out 30 minutes before we need to be there. And better yet, I will even be able to wear this stuff in day-to-day life and I'll look...dare I say it? Nice? Pretty? Hmmm...

got lots of schoolwork done

I've been listening to lots of fun podcasts while I'm at work. The one that gets me though is a knitting podcast and dang it, I almost wish I hadn't found it. It just makes me want to look up a multitude of gorgeous yarns and patterns and start about 40 new projects. I get maybe a half hour a week to knit, at the most. Sigh. Deep breath. I'll be done with my class in a month and then I'll be able to knit until Spring semester.

That's about all for now. Keep your fingers crossed that Kidlet isn't getting a sniffle. She sure seems like it.


emily said...

i have to go buy that very same outfit next week. dreading it.

as for the sniffles - have you ever tried airborne junior with her? doesn't taste great, but it has totally worked for us.

justin said...

Go where now for photos?

Ani said...

Link fixed, sorry 'bout that.

Well, we may be too late for Airborne...I think we are a moment away from being entrenched in sniffle land. But next time, I'll be sooooo ready. Thanks for info, Emily!