Monday, September 24, 2007

The weekend...cold, cloudy, rainy.

I did what I shouldn't and started knitting my Jaywalkers this weekend. I'm very much in love with the colorway (Lorna's Laces Shadow). I've got the cuff ribbing done and sadly, they probably won't get touched again for another few weeks. The kid has got it in her mind that I'm supposed to knit some socks for her now. I'll be lucky if I can get a pair done before she outgrows them with my oh-so-rapid knitting pace.

Getting really close to finishing my class. I have a couple of lessons left, test...and then...woo hoo! Par-tay! Huh? Who's blog is this anyway?

I've been thinking more about my photography lately. I enjoy the flickr community but beyond that, why do I do this? I have yet to print anything up to hang on the wall. They just pile up and take up space in my lappy. I am better than I once was but I certainly don't expect to sell prints or become a photographer. I guess I feel I'm at a plateau and I want to do something more, but am not sure what that is. And then there's the perfectionist in me. I can't just leave it as a hobby, I have to be good at it and if I'm not (stomps foot), I don't wanna do it (throws camera). Maybe I'm just in search of a project. Maybe I need some focus (ha ha). Perhaps I can work on putting some entries in the state fair next year?

Ok, where's my apple pie y'all promised me? Just kidding. I baked bread but forgot to put salt in it. Come on by and we'll slather it in butter and sprinkle salt on top. It's good. F'realz.


Nessie Noodle said...

wow- you totally, totally hit something there. I have been feeling similar to that with my photography. I need to print it, I need to show it, I need to at least hang it up in my own house. But man is that scary or what?

Yeah know, maybe we should collaborate- Biggest Little photo show? My mama has a perfect gallery space (converted garage) that she is itching to have used.
maybe just the push we both need?

ps apple pie was so in my dreams this weekend, but somehow I got stuck to the couch and watched HGTV.

Ani said...

tee hee! i'm glad i'm not the only one in photo quandry-land. let me confer with hubby about his schedule. then we should go have tea/coffee and we can talk (and knit or photograph or something) FINALLY.

Nessie Noodle said...

YES! puh-leez!
let me nose, okay?

Dominique said...

I've had the same thoughts about my photos at the beginning of the summer. That's when I decided to get some (got too many) printed. Bought a nice album and had loads of fun looking at them, FOR REAL.
Another idea: get minicards ( using your own photos, they're fun to share and you can have your blog address printed at the back. I also got stickers (moo, again) made with my own photographs. I feel I'm doing something with my photos, now. And I like it!
Hey, how about a photo swap? Wouldn't it be nice?