Friday, September 14, 2007

What a Wonderful World...

Yesterday Kidlet painted a picture and said she wanted to give it to new friend at school (we'll call him G). This morning as we are leaving for school, Kidlet does a happy dance, with picture in tow. "G is my friend and he likes me! He is so nice, he is so nice." So very glad that school seems to be working out.

Despite the fact that my nose looks like Rudolph and my breathing sounds like Darth Vader, I had one of those feelings of warm-fuzzy-contented happiness today. I love when all feels right in my little world. It doesn't come together like that very often and if I poke and prod, I can find a ton of stuff that's most certainly wrong, but I'll bask in the warmth of my feeling for now.

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madre adoptiva said...

That's so sweet that Kidlet has such a good friend! I love it when all is right in my world too. Enjoy it while it lasts!