Friday, September 28, 2007

--Groceries with Mama and Kidlet

--Fluffy, fluffy scrambled eggs (thanks, Greg!) with home fries (thanks, Justin!) and buttermilk biscuits

--Postcards to work on

--Photo swap to plan


--A few stitches of knitting (anyone know a good kid legwarmer pattern that's really quick to knit?)

--Pizza with Mom-in-law and her Mom

--Maybe an early morning desert hike and waffles with friends (gotta mix up the pancake routine every once in a while and I can use the leftover buttermilk..ha ha, Emily! I did find a use for that buttermilk. Cake or buttermilk waffles...a difficult choice, indeed.)

--The pumpkin patch?

--Seasonal decorating?

--Maybe an apple pie...? Who will bake the pie first, Vanessa or me...

What does your weekend look like?


Nessie Noodle said...

the race is on sister! tee hee.

have a great weekend, and STAY WARM, cuz it's cold outside! brrrrr

BePe Baby said...

Sounds better then mine. I had a double dose of baby showers to drag myself too, a ton of booties sold, which ment a ton of sewing to do and a baby who is refusing to take a second nap but not quite ready to stay up the whole time without one. :)

Ani said...

ohhhh...the dreaded naptime woes. i can relate. my girl usually goes down for two hours at 1, but she fussed around until 2. there goes an hour of 'me' time!

Felicia said...

Beautiful sunflower :)