Monday, October 01, 2007

Putting on weight for winter hibernating

Well, Vanessa definitely beat me in the pie races this weekend. No pie was made over here but much good food was consumed nevertheless. The above buttermilk biscuits were served with hubby's fluffy scrambled eggs and not my half-bad attempt at home fries on Saturday morning. I made a tomato soup with all the leftover-getting-squashy tomatoes. Served it up with grilled cheese sandwiches. The best waffles I ever made (buttermilk wheat) were enjoyed on Sunday. In further foodiness, I may try some schoolwork avoidance tonight and make pumpkin chocochip muffins (seen here).

I still haven't finished my postcards for the swap, but I'm inching along. I'm really really enjoying the ones I've received so far (thank you, lovely people). Next time I think I will design something that doesn't require so much painting (and drying and gluing and painting). I was cruising along with the Jaywalker socks and then last night...about two inches in I saw some strange yarn badness that wasn't a dropped stitch and could not be repaired. Frog, frog, frog. I guess that's the universal symbol for "get to work on the projects that need doing".

All in all, it was a mighty fine weekend where much got done, but there was still time for fun. Pumpkin patching, fall decorating, and did I mention eating? Now that I'm thinking about it, sorry this post is just like the last post, except it is in the past tense. I just need to revel in the weekend for just a little bit longer so bear with me. Thank you.

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madre adoptiva said...

Mmmm.. sounds like a tasty weekend for sure! I think I got what you have... the munchies. I can't squash my hunger at all today!