Monday, October 22, 2007

Ok, we're all settled...

Glad to hear that there seems to be a consensus on the swapping numbers. If I remember rightly, we're at 10 right now with just about a week left for sign-ups. We'll just be one big happy family of swappers. : )

Thanks for sharing the swapping journey with me! I've been feeling really inspired, which is what I really wanted out of this swap (well, aside from all those fun little pieces of you that you will be sending my way...).

I'm crazy-kookoo tired today so maybe tomorrow I'll get around to scribbling a real post.


emily said...

ooh, i didn't weigh in on the question. but i would have voted just this way.

Ani said...

whew! glad to hear you feel the same way. i doubt we'll be picking up any more folks at this point anyway.