Thursday, October 18, 2007

kitschy window

Here's the window above the kitchen sink. It's kind of like a bay window for knickknacks. Residing here are a flock of knives, a butterbell awaiting use and a few fish tank supplies. Kidlet's paintbrushes and a cheese grater. Several cacti, one of which stays in bloom for about a quarter of the year, without fail. An old-time cookie jar (McCoy? if I remember rightly) in black with cherry blossoms strewn across it. Tea tins full and empty. A panda snow cone maker. And one of my odder finds, two elves with open bellies for holding candles. They aren't that odd in themselves, it's just that I found the small one in New Orleans about 15 years ago and then found the larger one in a thrift store all the way across the country about 10 years later. Never seen any other examples of these guys except for these two. Long lost elf brethren, to be found and paired up in my kitchen window.

The child STILL has been home with the crud. She's got lots of energy but she is really stuffy and only occasionally has a voice. However, when she does it's often used to yell at me. I don't know what's going on lately. She and I are at total odds. If I get angry about her attitude, she laughs at me (making me seethe inside with super oooky feelings). I keep looking for reasons why. Maybe it's her new found independence discovered in school. Maybe she has just unearthed the ages old formula for making mothers grow old and grey(er) before their time. If this keeps up, my hair will be completely grey by December 12th.

Gotta tell you, I'm loving the life of "non-student". I'm done until late January and now I'm a knitting and organizing fiend. I'm whipping the house into some semblance of shape and am happily knitting on 3 projects. I'm also now 3/4 of the way through Anna Karenina and it's getting better for me. The story is now fully rolling along at page 650. I'll still be really glad to be done so that I can pick up the books that I'm so excited to read that I could burst.


BePe Baby said...

I so thought I was the only one in the world who has a butter dish like that. My grandmother gave me one and I used for a few months. I put it away for the summer and haven't pulled it back out yet.
You must love all the light from that window :)

emily said...

it's because she's sick. the evils come out when the germs set in. she'll be back to her lively (and kinder) self soon. last time, in our house, it was the boy - and he was mean, mean, mean for 5 full days after he had recovered from the physical symptoms of the illness. it will pass. it will. hang in.

Ani said...

hi bepe! i love peeking out that window when the kid is playing outside. it reminds me of being a kid and seeing my mom's face watching me out our kitchen window.

thanks for the words, Emily. i think she must have a bit of 'cabin fever' since she hasn't been anywhere in about a week. i've got my fingers crossed!

madre adoptiva said...

Poor mama... and kidlet. I hope Emily is right and she gets back to her jolly old self soon.

I love the kitchy window. I want one of those butterbells now! :-)