Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Inspiration is hiding under each rock

Last night, Kidlet and I were sprawled out on the floor, coloring, painting and cutting (well, she was. She's obsessed with her little pink scissors). As I was painting with her very-difficult-to-get-any-color watercolors, I was suddenly inspired to use a different technique than I had first planned for my postcards.

As I lay in the bed at the crack of dawn, I visualized my final product. I think it's going to be pretty good! And even better, I think I will be able to finish them this weekend.

In other inspiration, I've been starting to check out podcasts while I do mindnumbing data entry stuff. I really like Stash and Burn. They sound like people I wouldn't mind hanging out with to have a coffee-and-a-knit. They also have very nice laughs.

Anywhere you've been going for inspiration lately?

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