Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Let's Do the Time Warp...again

This morning, I got to spend a little quality time at my University. I haven't walked into the history building in about...hmmm...15 years? It felt really odd, somewhat akin to walking into an elementary school and seeing all those tiny desks and chairs. Well, I wasn't that much taller today than I was 15 years ago except for the fact that I was wearing my clogs today. Anyway, you get the idea.

I went to an advisor to see how many more hoops I need to jump through to finish. Happily, fewer than previously expected (but we'll still be in the next decade before I finish). Unhappily, I have to take a science course before I go any further due to a new requirement that you finish all of your core requirements before you do any other coursework. Science courses are notorious for being loooooong classes that meet several times a week, something that does not work well for this full-time worker bee. Also, I have to go back to the University to get another piece of paper signed by the art department (and the office was closed this morning, of course) and get advised for my minor. It looks like I need only one class to finish that up, but you never know. I could walk in there and they could say, "Whoa, how old are these credits? Ummm, I don't think so, old woman. Start over!" Hey, it could happen. The history advisor did almost fall out of her chair when she figured out how long ago I began this process.

Well, it's time for me to attempt to entreat the core studies department (so many damn departments) to take pity on a poor working mama and please let me take that science class later. Wish me luck.


*camerashymomma* said...

wow, i know that feeling... of walking into something so out of place. it's been nearly 12 years for me too. and the other day a friend told me after some time that credits *expire* and i instantly got the fear in me! i'm hoping it was her scare tactic. sounds kinda crazy to me. i always think of the boardgame i used to play when i was a kid called "head of the class" and sometimes you were sent back to kindergarten. it's like a bad dream!

good luck to you mama!

Ani said...

that's what started me on all this! i had heard some murmuring about losing credits, so i started up again a few years ago (right after the kid was born...brilliant timing!). when i re-upped at the university, i asked about credit loss and they said that it was a possiblity, but they didn't know when that point would be. so helpful!

emily said...

consider yourself wished!

justin said...

Astronomy! It was my fav.