Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Out of the Haze

Man, what a week. I really felt crappy. The Kidlet had about 1.5 days of minimal slowdown but the hubby and myself, ugh! But today, I opened my eyes and...I'm feeling much better. Wow! Strange and wonderful!

Despite the congestion and wooziness, I was very busy this weekend as I'm quite bad at resting. Gingerbread was baked for my mama and chocolate chai cupcakes for a friend's birthday. I mopped and swept. I changed the sheets and did about half a dozen loads of laundry. I scrubbed the bathroom. I also did schoolwork, started the postcards for my swap and I ran errands. You'd think that my house would be as neat as a pin for all the perpetual motion that I have going on, but no. How do other folks do it?

I still haven't been able to pick up the knitting needles, despite being mightily inspired. I think I have about 10 projects lined up in my head. Hmmmm...at my current rate of knitting, that means that I have enough projects to keep me knitting until 2011.

BTW...Last night in flickrland, I ran across Ms. Chockylit's donuts-n-coffee cupcakes. So over-the-top. So freakin' cool. All they are missing is a maple glaze...just kidding! They couldn't be more perfect if they tried.


BePe Baby said...

Those cupcakes look so darn yummy! Worst thing for me to see ever! LOL I am soo craving a caramel apple though. I love the fall. Can't wait to see those post cards if you share :)

Ani said...

i have a caramel apple waiting for me at home. i love them too. the kid isn't so sure about them for now which means more for me. :)

madre adoptiva said...

Despite my earnest efforts to eat all of the cupcakes by noon on the day you brought them to me, I still have one left. Can I tell you again how much I LOVE them? I'm glad you're feeling better!