Friday, November 16, 2007

Emerging from my mental cocoon for a moment for five things

1--Finished knitting on two major holiday presents. Photos, sadly will need to wait until after the holidays.

Now it's on to the finishing portion which is something I always seem to rush through, willy nilly. I hope to sew 'em up this weekend and then consider my next move. The table scarf/doily thing is just not happening so far for the grannies. I've cast on lace from about 4 different patterns and just can't concentrate long enough to not make a mistake. Maybe I'll try a different yarn that isn't lace-weight, although I was trying to knit from my stash.

2--Ok, how cute is this and this and this from the evil store that seemed to be created especially for me to drool over? Argh! Well, at least it gives me inspiration for fun future projects (far, far into the future when I'm an applique queen...).

3--The photo swap is finished in my mind, but I haven't actually done the printing and assembling of packages yet. It's funny how I feel like I can cross it off my list since I know what I'm sending, what I'm writing and how it's going to look. I also feel like I need to tuck an extra "+1" in my packages although I'm not sure what. I'd better hunker down and work since I'm feeling like I want to send these out into the world next week.

4--Sweetie Nora. I'm worried. She's having some issues and I'm wading through the test results that all seem to inconclusive, but still nudge us toward her cancer. We've been extremely grateful so far since they said that the life span post-diagnosis was 2 years at the very lucky end of the spectrum. We're at about the year and a half mark.

5 or 1.5--Slowly getting ready for the holidays. I'm mostly done with Kidlet's presents (just on to stocking stuffers now) but that wasn't too difficult as I only bought two presents! I'd kind of like to knit something up for her too, but whatever I knit seems to end up at the bottom of her stuffed animal pile (and then I save them and move them to my desk). I'm really trying hard to make a homemade holiday to the best of my ability. I still have some ideas I'd like to pull off, but I'm not sure if they'll happen. Last year, I made one present. This year, (fingers crossed) at least half of my presents will be homemade. Next year? Ooooo...all?

Ok, back to the cocoon...have a lovely weekend, folks!


Dominique said...

I have the same feeling about the photo swap. Even if nothing is printed, the fact that I have the idea makes me feel like it's completed!

I will probably be able to send my «kits» next week as well :-)

Lovely weekend to you too...

Nessie Noodle said...

I am kinda freaking about the swap. Nothing has come into my mind for what I want to photography/pring and +1. what was the deadline again, *sigh*
I think I had an idea yesterday, but it flew the coo-coo's nest today.
gotta get my mojo (at least I am in the sewing room, right? making stuff for the wedding shower I am throwing this weekend-ack)
happy friday sweets.

madre adoptiva said...

I swear I read this post after I wrote my own. They're eerily similar. Anyway, like you, I've got my idea for my swap+1 and just have to put it all together. You did say we could use a found photo, right?? Happy Weekend!!

Ani said...


there's no pressure on this whole swap thing. i didn't have a concrete deadline, only that you might want to have it out before December so you don't have to think about it with the holiday crunch. you can use found, photocopied, scanned...whatever works for you. it's merely something to get creative juices flowing.

ok, i'm scurrying off to read madre's post...happy weekend, ladies!