Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Plodding and Plotting

Thanks for all the well wishes, my friends. Kidlet is still having some ear trouble but is now on antibiotics (I hate 'em, but I'll embrace them for a good night of sleep). Me, I'm just plodding along through the snot and scratchiness.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to think of Thanksgiving. How can you not think of Thanksgiving, after watching "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" for the 32nd time with a sick Kidlet? I am a bit (ok, more than a bit) of a control freak. I have to have everything planned, listed and purchased well ahead of the big day. Today's dilemma is "shall I bake a pumpkin pie or buy it from my favorite baker, Franz?" I'm leaning towards purchasing if only for the 'ease' factor, even though I finally feel confident in my pie crust skills. Do you have any favorite holiday recipes? There's a rustic porcini onion stuffing on epicurious (for some reason it won't allow me to link directly anymore) and my cranberry recipe (look in the comments for the recipe).

Here's a little daydream for knitter Ani...this made from this.


madre adoptiva said...

Bummer! Your recipe links didn't work. :-( They just brought me to the front page of Epicurious. However, the knitting pattern. Oh yes. I have been thinking of that pattern for so long. Care to do a knit-along?

Ani said...

drat! i have amended the post to explain what the heck the recipes are. sigh.

hmmm...i would have to buy myself a little xmas present of yarn early, but maybe i'll be ready in mid-December for a wee knit-along! i've never done that and love that idea.

Nessie Noodle said...

mmm, I like to make a brussle sprout dish that includes fancy bacon (here we go again...) and lemon juice and almonds and butter. oh yah! could do it without the meat and bet it would be just as good. you have to put the little cabages through the food processor and then saute it all together. so good!

madre adoptiva said...

That stuffing sounds so good! If my mom didn't insist on making *her* stuffing, I would try it.

Dan said...

I'm assuming you're meat free. But for nearly free meat, Wolf Pack Meats is having some specials on 'locally grown' stuff.