Monday, November 19, 2007

Ode to a Fish Tank

Oh, Fish Tank. How grateful I am for thee. When the wee tot awakes at 1:50 a.m. and is inconsolable, refusing to go to sleep unless she is allowed to sleep in our tiny-for-our-amazonian-size bed, I thank you Fish Tank for providing a diversion. Something to stop the wailing and to incite yawns.

Fish Tank, if you could only make our bed bigger so that we didn't even have to have this fight for 45+ minutes in the middle of the night, I'd kiss you. Or something else that you might appreciate more (scrubbing? more fish? more regular feedings for your inhabitants?).

So tired. Yawn.


madre adoptiva said...

Note to self: Get fishtank.

Ani said...

ha ha!

it's saved me on more than one occassion.

BePe Baby said...

LOL.. I have had a terrible night time waker lately.. He won't fall backto sleep in our bed though just tosses all over. Maybe fish will help us too?

*camerashymomma* said...

wonderful words! sorry for the sleep deprived inspiration. that photo is great!