Monday, March 31, 2008

Cast Your Nets

What shall we find?

Discovering new desires, finding new hope.

1. I want to write poetry. Don't worry, I won't burden you with youtube videos of me wearing all black, reading some supremely awful drivel that I've written in a dark mood during a thunderstorm. I think I need to read a whole lot more poetry before I even start, but the seeds of desire have been planted.

2. Also, I want to write a children's book. I have thought about this pretty regularly for several years (with my mom) and I think I (we) need to get rolling. Mama, get ready!

3. I believe I will finish school. I believe I will finish school. Repeat for the next 4 years.

4. Trying oh-so-hard to not be so high strung. Deeply grateful for hubby's hand signals to calm down when I am starting to get wound up. Maybe I will be more even tempered one day. I will keep striving (as long as hubby continues to make hand gestures...ha ha ha...remember, Boo?).

5. I love spring. Spring = hope + renewal.

Will be back shortly with my answer to little meme-y/question that Dominique posed and some words about the weekend (Hi, Liz! Hi, Bean!).


Claire said...

Lovely picture! And good luck on school. Deep breaths and determination is all it takes. I'm pondering the terrifying possibility of home ownership and I believe deep breaths and determination will get me through that process.

raining sheep said...

Ani, that is a lovely, lovely picture. It's like a red, delicate spider web (if there ever was such a thing...).

Anonymous said...

You will finish school. So will I. It will happen. :)

Rebecca said...

get to writing your children's book. i can't wait to read it!

Ani said...

thanks for the encouragement!

claire, yes! deep breaths, determination, and a hand that is ready to sign about 200 pages of paperwork are what is needed to buy a house!

thanks, raina!

tracy, at least i'm in good company! yes, we will jump through the hoops and get through it.

tee hee, rebecca, thanks!