Monday, March 24, 2008


And here I small person's stomach flu, tons of knitting, not-so-great nights of sleeping, a lasagne, a holiday, and one trip to the nursery later. As crummy as the tummy flu was for the little one, it made for forced relaxation (and knitting!) for me which was desperately needed.

We had a pretty nice holiday and renewed (at least in a small way) our Easter tradition of going to the nursery after Easter breakfast. It was an amazingly warm Spring day. Perfect. I couldn't resist picking up a container of icelandic poppies. I adore poppies; I think they are my favorite. Sure, it is scheduled to get cold(ish) again but I'm a sucker.

Things have been awfully quiet around here on the blog but to be honest, I'm not expecting a whole lot of pick up in activity, despite having some quiet time after an insanely hectic week. I haven't been taking many photos and don't have a ton to say. I think it's that time of budding before the blooms emerge where I go all quiet and just need to do some mental digestion.

Upcoming and what I'm 'mentally digesting'...I'll do a big knitting progress post in about two weeks (after my Mama's birthday so I will be able to officially reveal that super-secret project). Here's what I'm reading (very interesting, I'll save a post to talk about it when I'm deeper into the book). Thinking about my vision and photography (or lack thereof). The desperate need to learn to sew so I can use these fabrics. More dreams of new shoes. In other words, nothing new. Hope Spring is starting to sprout in your neck of the woods. Hugs!


madre adoptiva said...

I'm glad to hear you had a nice, relaxing weekend (aside from the stomach bug... ick). I am dying to teach you to sew (or at least be the push you need to get it done) so you can use those fabrics. Every last one of them...hehe. And, uh, can you stop linking to fantastic shoes in your blog? Thanks.

p.s. have you ever looked at Ebay for Earth shoes... drool.

emily said...

oh, but it's all so good. (all but the tummy part.) love your links today - it's fun to see what you're up to.

Anonymous said...

I, too, love poppies. I can't ever seem to get them to grow, though. I hope the little one is feeling better!

raining sheep said...

I hear you about the sewing thing...I am taking my new sewing machine (bought a year ago) out of the box this weekend...and as for shoes...I am off to Spain next week. Need I say more.

Ani said...

alright, liz. i'm going to be hitting you up for some sewing lessons once school is out! does that mean i get to start hoarding fabric?!

always nice to see you, emily!

thanks, tracy. she's now got allergies, but it's better than what we had!

raining sheep, SPAIN?! i'm jealous...