Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Green Wednesday

I picked up this little pot at the farmer's market last summer. She had such wonderful items; I wanted to buy them all. It's holding some silky green yarn too. Just filling my life with green, eh? Love it.

The embroidery is from my Grandma. I treasure all the pillows, tea towels and dresser scarves that she's made for me over the years.

Totally off topic but interesting. I was listening to Talk of the Nation the other day and they had an interview with these two folks that compiled this book, Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure . I can't come up with my life story in six words today, but I can come up with one that sums up today...

Feeling rather sick, sadly must work.

What is your story today?


Dominique said...

Can't do it with my life either, but six words for my day, I surely can:

Snowstorm again, can't leave home, Yeah!

madre adoptiva said...

For today:

Wish I was sewing, playing instead.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me of haiku.

Mistakes in project, need more sleep.

*camerashymomma* said...

how funny ani!! great minds blog alike! :) i could do a six word memoir every day, it's pretty fun. gets me thinking. i love the ones left in your comments too! and i have that book coming from amazon, it's a pretty cool story to it.