Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Last night was so warm, we were outside in just long-sleeved shirts (well, I was in a light sweatshirt because I am always cold). Despite having been pile-drivered by this cold-flu thing, I suddenly had the urge to start cleaning the garden. Y'know, doing the tasks that should have been done in the fall: pulling dead morning glory vines off the pointiest rosebushes in the land, raking leaves, pruning (I'm never quite sure when this is supposed to be done but my lack of knowledge has yet to hurt me). I only managed to clear 3 rose bushes of the twisty twiny morning glory skeletons and pulled out one dead bush, but it definitely is a start. Of course, right before the big party weekend and a planned pre-birthday jaunt to Fairytale Town, it supposed to start raining and possibly snowing. I'm basking in the warmth while I can...that is, between running back and forth between work and school (oh how I love lab week, not at all).

This week is a one giant list, done with one hand behind my back that has its fingers crossed, hoping no one else gets sick or relapses before the party. Food lists and recipes need to be finalized, the presents wrapped, the decorations finished, reminders to be put out that 'yes, we are having a party this weekend', house cleaning and oh yes, don't forget to write your lab report and study for your exam coming up in a week. Also, get together the supplies together for Kidlet's birthday-at-school celebration. I might sleep a few hours in the night too. Maybe. It hasn't worked well for me lately so it would be a novelty.

Despite the fact I may sound a little harried or bitter, I am not. I love lists, hustle-n-bustle is my middle name. I can't sit still. Even in the depths of illness last week, I was busy building Kidlet's doll house and cleaning the house. The emergence of spring is making me think about not only clearing out the dead wood in the yard and the extraneous junk from the house, I'm thinking about cleaning out my head too; the bad patterns and attitudes that seem to seep in during the dark winter months need to be tossed. I feel the change coming and I say it's all right.


Cathy said...

Fairytale Town was the absolute highlight of my childhood. My parents took us there once or twice a year. I especially loved the big castle and all the slides; they looked so big to me. Have a wonderful time, Ani and Kidlet.

Anonymous said...

lists and hustle and bustle and harried are all major parts of my life right now too. I had wanted to try to learn to slow down this year, but maybe it's more about learning not to get so stressed out in the face of all of the "things." I don't know.

I've been thinking about spring alot too, though, thinking about planting and planning and cleaning out the yard and starting fresh.

madre adoptiva said...

Gosh, I really need to take W to Fairytale Town. I'm such a slacker mom. Anyway, I was just going to email you about the party, but now I don't have to. I was going to say something like, "Is it happening?" hahaha... anyway, we're looking forward to it. :)

raining sheep said...

I don't think I will be gardening for a while yet here in in Calgary. I love gardening; I think I order every gardening magazine there is.

Ani said...

thanks for all the comments!

with the weather, Fairytale Town's prospects are looking grim. maybe next month...sigh.

Tracy, my new year's resolution is 'simplify'. ummmm...i don't think i'm quite there yet!

raining sheep, i love gardening too. i wish i had more time to devote to it. perhaps with kidlet getting older, she'll be able to do more independent play and i'll get to play in the dirt. :)