Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today is the Day

Four years ago...

I had to decide whether to be induced or be on bedrest for 3 days and then get induced.

I finished knitting a scarf for hubby with an IV in my arm, pumping in the drugs of induction.

A Brownie troop that was touring the maternity ward visited me about 3 hours into labor to 'see what a lady in labor looks like'. I smiled and was friendly. The nurse couldn't believe I didn't have any pain meds because I was so calm.

I watched the opening rounds of the NCAA basketball tourney, checking my bracket in between gritting my teeth and doing yoga breathing through contractions.

I remember thinking about 8 hours after being induced, after a particularly strong set of contractions, "Damn. If this was anything else in the world, I think I would throw in the towel and say I would try again another day." I kept the image me running long distances in my head. Push on through. You are strong.

Pushing was hard. Hubby was a blessing (as was the dear nurse).

I was gifted after 11 p.m.. I gasped, "She's beautiful. She's perfect."

And she is.


I went to Kidlet's birthday celebration at school today and it was so sweet. They place a work mat on the floor, light a candle and place it in the middle of the mat. Next, they surround the candle with little 'sun rays' (triangle shaped pieces of paper); each one has a month of the year printed on it. Kidlet was told to bring the globe and put it in front of March. Her teacher showed photos of Kidlet from each year that she's been on this earth. After each photo, she was told to walk around the 'sun' and then the children would do a handclap for the number of years being represented. Then we all sang Happy Birthday and Kidlet blew out the candle. Next, the children were allowed to raise their hands and say something nice about Kidlet. She passed out the muffins I made and we ate.

She's such a serious student! It was fun to see her in her school environment. The only bad part was that she got sniffly when it was time for me to leave.


I'll be back soon with a regular update. Things are just so freakin' hectic right now. But soon, my life (for a week, anyway) will be full of knitting and other happy things. Spring break, anyone? Heading to Mexico? Not me, just heading for work but at least there's no school in the picture.


Nessie Noodle said...

happy birf-day kiddo and mama.
Such a special day, sounds sweet as birthday cake.

Ani said...

awww, thanks! i can't wait to see where kidlet picks to go for dinner tonight. she's been doing a 'i get to go out to dinner dance' for the past couple of nights.

emily said...

happy, happy, happy, happy! and many more. (and may she pick a lovely place for dinner tonight.)

madre adoptiva said...

**sniff, sniff** such a sweet post. Gosh, I love that girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIDLET! What a cool way to celebrate birthdays (at her school). :-)

Bean said...

Happy Birthday, little one!

raining sheep said...

BIRTH days are unforgetable...induced? can't say I have fond memories of that. Happy knitting, happy spring break.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you and her!

Yes, spring break is this week for me. I still have to work too, but at least there's no class. I'm enjoying it immensely. Back to chaos next week!

Ani said...

aww, thanks everyone! sorry i'm so long in responding...

Anonymous said...

late chiming in, but i loved reading your birth words and memories. they never leave us, do they? happy 4th kidlet!!