Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dreaming in Yarn

I finished another project last night (Kidlet's dresser scarf) which has me down to two projects. My clapotis is almost half done but I haven't worked on it in almost a month in the interests of finishing my other 3 projects. And I still have the sneaky project to finish up (which is probably two nights away from completion). I'm really happy with my knitting skills lately. I feel like I've progressed quite a bit in the past year. I can now weave in ends without it looking like a big mess (thanks, Knitty!). And I'll have to post later the brilliant blog that I use to refresh my memory on seaming techniques (because I don't have the link with me).

Anyway, with all this finishing at hand, that means I'm going to be ready for new projects. Woot! Of course, I'll keep plugging away at the clapotis but it's about time for me to embark on some socks for hubby (still looking for the perfect yarn, any suggestions?). Also, I'm going to knit a little bird and nest for a little one's birthday in August (need some yarn for this too, but I've got ideas). I feel like I want to start another project too...but not sure what. It seems silly, but I feel I knit faster when I have several projects going at once. I used to be one of those folks that would dedicate all their time to one project and not start another until it was completely done. It was miserable, slogging through the one project, all the while staring wistfully at piles of patterns and scribbled ideas that I wanted to start. Now I can knit on whatever appeals to my mood, within reason, as I think 4 projects is my maximum load. I want to try a sweater but I have a phobia. Maybe I should take ol' Daisy out of hibernation and get a few more inches along until something else grabs my fancy.

And this concludes our knitting update for today. Feel free to wake up at any time!

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raining sheep said...

For hubby's socks, I definitely recommend ShiBui knits up beautifully, they have an awesome khaki green...I made some for the Babe and he loves his socks...the yarn also washes up really nicely.