Wednesday, September 20, 2006

CSA September 19

Yup, the frosts have started hitting at night hence a light week. But potatoes!!! Tomatillos, tomatoes, raspberries (yay! still not sick of those), scallions, a small fennel bulb, some lettuce greens and a watermelon. Only two more weeks of the veggie box but they are promising winter squash and broccoli. Looking forward to pan frying up some taters tonight. The veggie box folks included a recipe for a tomatillo salsa which I will try since I am a bit of a tomatillo neophyte.

Fall is coming and I don't just mean the first actual day (this Saturday, for those keeping score). There's a patch of aspen trees that are high up the mountain, at the top of Hunter Creek Canyon, that I check on my way to work every morning. When September hits, I start checking my little grove. Yesterday, a yellowish blush overcame them. Today they are even a little more yellow. I've already decided that when they are all as yellow as the tomatoes in today's photo, I'm going to do a big dayhike up the canyon. I'll pack myself a super fantastic lunch, sketchbook, camera, tea, water and snacks (and maybe even a tiny glass of wine to go with the super fantastic lunch). I love hiking up that canyon but never really made it too far. I've never made it up to the lake up there but I have made it as far as a magical grove of cedar trees. It makes absolutely no sense at all as cedars aren't anywhere else around here (that I know of), just this fairytale/moomin grove. Now I'm questioning myself...are they really cedars, did I really see them or was it part of one of the stories I tell myself at night to fall asleep when I can't sleep? I digress.

Back to work and fall dreams.

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