Wednesday, September 06, 2006

CSA September 5

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Look at dem' tomatoes! Jalapeno, a ton of corn, a HUGE bundle of basil, a little herb pack of thyme/sage/oregano, zukes and patty pan squash, raspberries, baby beets, beans (hopefully less bitter than last week), and one of my faves...arugula. I love sage and brown butter pasta (with some sort of protein thrown in). I'm already looking at maybe baking up some pesto foccacia and a tomato soup today. And making a ton of pesto to freeze. I needs me a food processor. I can't really let all that basil go to waste so I'd better get a big food processor, right? Can you tell I'm trying looking for some enablement? Anyway, it's a day off with Ruby and she loves to cook.

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