Friday, September 15, 2006

The excitement is's almost the weekend.

Really looking forward to this weekend. No real things that absolutely must be done (just the perpetual list of 'gee, you really should get this done'). I'm happy to spend time with Ruby and we've been discussing pie making. "POUND, Mama! We'll go POUND!" she says as she punches her fist into her little hand. Maybe I should have taught her the delicate arts of gentle folding in regards to pie crust instead of heavy-duty bread kneading. No matter. The peaches have been sitting here on my desk in my icy cold office just waiting to be tossed with brown sugar. At least the innards will be good.

And the weather! Can I say enough about this weather?! A cold front has swept through and it feels like fall, at least for a couple days. I feel energized and happy. A new season approaches and with it a new set of plans and ideas.

And because I can't step away from Flickr, a few Friday Flickr faves...

mini how lovely is this?
Souvenir from Poland - Jeremy in Space I can't believe I've never heard of this show. I guess it's in the public domain now so I should be able to check it out. It's about a bear (stop motion!) who has adventures.
blue egg she sure makes some lovely compositions
(untitled) and since it's the change of season, can you tell I'm thinking about a new haircut? Greg, I promise not to obsess out loud about my hair for the next 3 weeks until I decide to cut it.


Anonymous said...

It's blustery out there! I love you, and you can talk about your hair if you want. I'll try to keep my eyes from glazing over.


justin said...

hey, do you know that show about the russian bear and his best friend is an alligator? I can't remember the name and it's been a long time...the bear is some kinda koala-lookin' guy.

Also. I harvested about a zillion and a half plums and apples, so I need to make some stuff. Got any recipes for crumbles, etc.?