Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Well, I spent about an hour yesterday crafting up a post that had to do with my thoughts on Burning Man with lots of photos but it all just made me feel icky so I deleted it. It was about how I had felt like a fraud amongst all the hip kids at that big arts festival in the desert. But I must admit, it did make me do some thinking, some yucky, some good. In the end I came up with the conclusion: I am a good egg.

So now here we are at work and now I can't post any of the nice photos I took this weekend. Maybe tomorrow for that.

Everything is hustle and bustle for me right now. I am having the 'changing of the seasons, must change everything' angst. I'm always so excited about the change of seasons. I love 'em all.

This next weekend will be the big balloon races , which is woo-hoo-fun. We had our first balloon flying up over the house this morning. I can't wait to make the traditional Dawn Patrol Chocolate Chip Cookies for the early morning trek down to the park to watch all the balloons lift off. Ruby talked about it for months afterwards last year so this year should be a hoot.

Ok, better get working. Things are crazy round this joint...

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