Wednesday, September 27, 2006

CSA September 26

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Butternut squash, multicolored beets, onions, tomatoes, a couple chilis, a bundle of little carrots, a watermelon. The season winds more week to go. I saw pie pumpkins and really wanted one but didn't see any mention of us being able to take one. Maybe next week...oh I hope. Love beets so those should go to good use as will the squash. I haven't tried the carrots yet--the last several loads have tasted either really bitter or stranger yet, soapy. I haven't used last weeks tomatillos yet, so maybe I'll throw them on the grill with the chilis and attempt a roasted salsa.

Just chugging away in the land of indian summer. I've been mentally taking pictures of things and am always surprised when I open up iphoto, thinking about posting some fall-esque scene and realizing...d'oh! I haven't been taking pictures in REALITYLAND. Ooops. I need to get to work on that. I've decided Thursdays and Fridays are my 'homework weekend' so I'm hoping to scan some images that I've been doodling to post (and maybe finish that sock).

I added a few new links in the sidebar. Just more tried and true blogs that I enjoy.

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