Monday, September 25, 2006

Post-weekend Wrap-up

Busy weekend (need I say that?) but good.

--I'm just a few rows away from doing toe decreases and finishing up those socks. Won't everyone be ecstatic to no longer hear about them? I know I will be. I bought some sock yarn from knitpicks this weekend for a pair that I can start next year, after all the holiday gift knitting. Colorway Rocky Mountain Dusk to remind me of the lovely mountain sunsets of childhood.

--Made pear/berry crip. So fallish, so yummy.

--Took kidlet to the library. I need to remember to make a list of books I want to try because I get there and spend my time with only one eye on the books. The other is on Ruby who is hiding in the stacks, jumping on cushy chairs and entreating me to take her to the water fountain again because "I bery thirsty". Any suggestions of fave kid books we need to investigate? She's only 2.5 so nothing too lengthy.

--Pancakes + football = good. But tonight is the game I truly care about. Pizza + Saints win = very happy me.

--Played in the park. Watched Ruby be shy with the girls younger than her but fearlessly follow the five year old over wobbly rocks.

--Got the kidlet her fall wardrobe which should fit for, mmm, 5.2 minutes? I'll keep my fingers crossed; she was a solid 3T all summer long so here's to hoping 4T makes it to at least January.

Never enough time spent with the hubs though. Dag nab it. I think we need to make a date. I miss my boo!

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