Monday, September 18, 2006


peach pie
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Yes, Ruby and I attempted the pie-making Friday night. The dough was uber-crumbly and I resorted to rolling out little pieces and piecing them together in the pie plate. I finished it after Ruby went to bed. The next morning, Ruby was so excited! "Pie please! Can I have some pie?" I sliced off a chunk and...sour face followed by sad face. "I don't like it." I consoled her by telling her she'll like apple pie better. I sure hope. I remember not being super wild for pie when I was a kid either and now look! One of my all-time faves! But I'm still not crossing my piecrust wish off my life list yet. It was good, but not dreamy.

Twas a busy weekend. Much running about. Feeling like I'm coming down with something yet energized by the fall weather (and good wine, jambalaya, coffee, and pie). Last night, I had one of those perfect nights with Ruby (at least until it came to bedtime--she's on a nightmare kick). We played inside and out--making mini-croquet sets with playdoh, playing bank with her puppy stuffed animals, reading books. She ate her dinner (yay!!!). No fussing. Just beautiful cool evening on the patio, snuggling, looking at the dusky sky. Perfect.

In craftiness, I knitted about two rows. Whoop Whoop! Dang, when this class is over, I'll be a knitty fiend.

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Anonymous said...

mmmmm. Pie. I love you two.