Friday, May 09, 2008

Done! (or Things are Looking Up)

Exam finished! I will start queuing up the movies. Thanks for the suggestions!

Super groggy, despite the gallons of coffee I drank this morning. I am sure the coffee will kick in about 7 pm tonight and I will knit like a fiend. Knitting...oh, how I've missed you.

The weekend after this abbreviated work day will include: a meet up with fellow bloggers and kids, breakfast with Mama, dinner with Mom-in-law and GMom-in-law. Garage cleaning? Compost pile formation? Creativity. Wine. Bread. Love.


emily said...

hooray hooray hooray hooray for finishing the exam! hooray.

(i vote for the compost pile formation. but, you know, that's me.)

madre adoptiva said...

Three cheers for you! WTG!

we're looking forward to tomorrow. :D

raining sheep said...

Yahoo! and I am about to start classes...I am so jealous...and it snowed in Calgary gardening yet...enjoy your time out, knit a ton and take lots of pictures.

Anonymous said...

yay for you! I'm done too! Yay!