Monday, May 05, 2008


The earth seems to be settling down a bit and I'm trying to do the same. Things are still feeling uneasy but let's just skip over that, eh? Onward...

From a friend I heard about a new CSA. After receiving some government money, I may do my part in stimulating the economy and join. The year before last, I joined a CSA that was linked to the co-op. It was their first year and I felt like I should support the effort, however meager it could turn out to be. I skipped joining last year because I wasn't digging the pounds of bitter greens we seemed to receive weekly. Now the co-op CSA subscriptions are creeping toward $500(!) so there is no way I will be able to give them a second chance. I know joining this new CSA is a risk, particularly since it is only one farm but I'd like to support them (and partake of their farm, love, love straight from the farm eggs!). I'm really excited about it!

I didn't get much done at all this weekend (are you surprised? no).

--Got the hair cut but it didn't turn out at all like I hoped. Hubby seems to like it however; he has been telling me it looks really good. To be told I look very nice even though I don't feel like I do is a good thing.

--VERY glad Kidlet and I missed the Kentucky Derby. I would not have like to explain that they were euthanizing the poor, dear horse, right there on the track. So very sad.

--Made some pumpkin curry soup and chapatis for dinner.

--Pushed my way through oceans of paper in order to distill them into our Important Papers file. It feels so good to have that done. Now I know where to go when I'm looking for Kidlet's birth certificate, although I couldn't tell you where mine is.

Hang in there, dear readers. I'll be posting more interesting content soon. Just let me get through this week of final exams and then we'll be talking projects galore.


raining sheep said...

Good Grief Girl (GGG)! I hope those exams go well. Yeah and the haircut thing, I think when anyone gets their haircut they don't like it at first and than as it 'grows' on them they end up loving it.

Bean said...

I didn't join the great basin food basket this year for the same reason... and that they want you to pay the fee up FRONT. WTF?? that sucks, and they've closed all volunteer/work-for-discount opportunities (they're giving preference to those who worked it last year, *grumble*)

I'll have to look into this new one :)

Ani said...

thanks, raina! it's only one exam so i feel kind of silly making a big deal out of it, but a final is a final, eh? you're right, the hair is growing on me.

bean, no kidding! i noticed gb food basket now has all sorts of different options but they all equaled 'pricey'. if this doesn't work out, there's always the farmer's market on saturdays. :)

emily said...

i can not tell you how much better i sleep now that i know exactly where birth certificates can be found. amazing how such a little thing can settle in the brain and cause angst. glad you've got that one checked off!

Anonymous said...

I don't feel like I got much done this weekend either, because I was slaving over a project for school for the majority of it.

Hey, was that pumpkin curry soup good? Care to share the recipe with me?