Monday, May 19, 2008

Friday can't come fast enough. Really.

The weekend...well, my moodiness continued through Saturday in fits and starts. I think it had to do with the instant middle-of-summer heat (at least in part). I go limp when it gets too hot. But many good things happened this weekend. Let's recap, shall we?

Dabbled in the garden and didn't make too much headway. I now have a pile of leaves from the fall that is about 3' high and 5' wide and another (much) smaller pile of twigs that I want to compost but I'm paralysed; I can't move forward. "Do I want the pile over here? Do I want it over there? Do I want to wait and buy a tumbler? Should I buy a wood chipper so I can chop up all the bits to make compost faster?" One small thing that may have pushed me a little further along is that I saw a nice compost set up at the local nursery yesterday afternoon for a fair price (like this one). I'm still waiting to be stimulated by the government so maybe when the check comes, I can consider it. I did at least plant Kidlet's Tiger Paws Aster, Echinaecea, some Thai Silk Poppies for me and silver leaf thyme. Got one packet of Snack Mix Sunflowers in the ground too. I was going to plant the tomatoes, but they just look so tender. I don't feel ready to put them out into the rocky, windy desert otherwise known as my yard.

Played mini golf! It was Kidlet's first time and about 2/3 of the way through, she started wilting in the heat. Cold fruit smoothies were obtained shortly after, as was a checkerboard and checkers so all became right with the world again.

Friends came up for pancake breakfast. Children ran amok. I drank buckets of coffee.

I'm 95% done with my bluebird. He just needs some eyes (and a nest). I'm hoping tonight will be the night for finishing.

First, thank you for all of your fine book recommendations. I need to write them down in my little notebook so when I have that dilemma; I've got a list to work from. But the book I had put on my queue at the library a week ago came up so I'm diving in. I chose it based on recommendation of Katie at GardenPunks. I'm nervous to read it because I know it is going to be full of scary info, but I'd better start educating myself (and growing more of my own food!) At least I joined the CSA this year...

Splurged on a few summer things for Kidlet and myself and then we took Hubby out for a celebratory sushi dinner...not sure if I'm officially able to release the details but congrats, Greg! It was Kidlet's first real sushi dinner and she was a champ. She didn't really eat much, but she was game for trying things out. Her favorite were the 'jewels'...tobiko, aka fish eggs.

Ok, back to the working week. Sigh.

PS. I apologize if this post is a little harder to read today since everything is smooshed together. I'm done fighting blogger today with the line spacing + photo issue. Don't know why it does what it does, but grrrrrr.


Katie said...

Line spacing is the bane of my blogger existence.

I feel your pain.

Claire said...

Oooh - that book sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, friday definitely could not come fast enough. Let's just skip these weekdays, shall we? I wish.

Congrats on getting a few plants in the ground, I am also waiting on my tomatoes because they are just so little still. And congrats, Greg, for whatever!

Mmm, pancakes and mini golf and fruit smoothies and coffee. Yum.

Rebecca said...

but everything looks okay, line-spacing wise, at this end.

Bean said...

Ooh, I love snowball trees!! Is that one yours? What are they really called? (so I can buy one!!)

I have some zuc's, beans and watermelons sprouting out in the hot desert sun, too... we'll see how long they last this time (this is round #2) :)

raining sheep said...

Whew! Sounds like a busy weekend...sometimes I joke and say I go to work to slow down because weekends tend to be so busy...Sounds like you got some gardening things in...nice.