Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Everyone's NOT Working for the Weekend

Thank you for the bloggiversary wishes. Y'all are the best. (Hugs, hugs.)

Did you have a nice weekend? We did over here. The work thing ended up being a non-issue and the weekend really felt like an extended weekend. Amazing!

We took two walks in the persistent drizzle. Oh, clouds above, I thank you for the moisture you have brought to my parched yard. Aside from giving my thirsty plants a well-deserved drink, it meant all yard work was put on hold. Well, I did try talking Kidlet into going to the nursery yesterday but she refused and ordered me to clean the closets. Really.

We had dinner one night at a friend's house and then had the same friends up the next night. They have an almost 3 year-old boy and Kidlet and he were wild things, jumping and pounding on furniture (and sometimes each other). Kidlet was heartbroken when her requests to have them over again last night were denied. We needed a quiet night before the working week.

Did a little knitting on Hubby's sock. The cuff looks too loosey-goosey, but I need to knit another inch or two before I can properly assess it. I also am now 12 rows from being officially half-done with Clapotis. I finished the little bird over a week ago but haven't had time to give it the photographic treatment. Maybe when the sun comes out again I can do some visual updating since no one wants to just hear about the same three projects endlessly without photos.

We hit the museum to see the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit. Lovely. I felt so inspired. Kidlet and I did projects with circle stencils and rulers. Seeing so many amazing things lately (via Flickr, mostly) it reminds me that I need to start doodling again.

No pizza was made, but I baked two loaves of bread.

I rubbed our dog's belly half the night, last night. She has a bad tummy ache. :(

Oh, one more thing...check this out. Love this idea and what happened to the webs


Anonymous said...

Wow. LOVE the spiderweb project. That is a wicked cool idea.

Ani said...

i can't stop thinking about that project! i love how the spiders poo-poo'ed the repairs and made their own.