Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You Hit me like a Flower

My book and more readings about the plight of bees (link found via the urban homestead folks) have my anxiety spiraling out of control. I don't know if I can continue reading the book because I'm just getting more and more freaked out about the future of food. It makes me feel so small and helpless. We start getting our CSA deliveries a week from Friday and I plan to hit the farmer's market. I will make a raised vegetable bed this summer to start fall veggies (and plan for next summer). I'm dreaming of buying a patch of land and keeping bees. But are these small tokens and my wild dream enough? IN TEN YEARS, BEES MAY BE EXTINCT. If Kidlet were to have children (with the aforementioned three year-old boy, she tells me), will they know a peach? I have crazed sci-fi horror stories running through my head of the poor being hired to pollinate trees by hand and fruit costing the price of gold, only to be sold to the wealthy. I know I am going over the deep end, but really. What if?

Ok, deep breath. Good, good.

I have a tendency to panic , can you tell? Maybe I should turn my crazy ideas into a novel.


Jess said...

I'm often beset with worries like this too - and also feel like I should put them in a book... OCD is such a fun little disorder!
It sounds like you are doing everything you can with the CSA and starting a garden - did you read anything about how else we could help the poor pollinating bees?!

raining sheep said...

You can't panic. You just need to do the best you can and enjoy every moment on this earth with your loved ones. Those books are interesting and they are definitely 'food for thought'. But you have to remember that many of those authors do have their own agenda as well. Learn from the books as much as you can but don't let them overtake you. You are doing the right thing; CSA, farmers' markets...don't freak yourself out.

Rebecca said...

have you read that sue hubbell book about bees? read it about 10 years ago, but seem to remember enjoying it. "A book of bees and how to keep them." she also wrote "a country year: living the questions," which i haven't read but would like to.

Ani said...

jess, the best thing to do is plant bee friendly flowers. i also saw a 'mason bee house' at the local nursery. i need to do some more research on that to see if that would be good for our yard. at least i know i have a very bee friendly yard...in the summer i can hear it humming with bees!

raina, thank you for the calming pat on the back. i do work myself up. you are so right, i need to get some perspective and enjoy what we have now.

rebecca, ooo! i need to check out those books. i haven't read either one.