Monday, May 12, 2008

Flying Along

I'm cruising along with my little bluebird (that looked nothing like the pattern once I finished the 'head/body' so I happily started modifying). I need to get down to the yarn shop for some beak and leg yarn, but it's coming together so quickly. I love it. I think I'm going to make a flock.

I spent my Mother's Day cleaning the garage. No, no need to groan. It was AMAZING. Kidlet kept herself occupied for the entire three hours and I did a massive reorganization. I thinned out stuff last year so this was just putting everything in its place. I love the gentle ache of a finished project. Next week: the yard. It can no longer be put off.

I ate pie, spent time with family and friends (and had buckets of fun), cooked and knitted. I also revisited my Create-a-Thing-a-Day Month and while I was coming up for weekly themes, I found a theme that I want to explore for a month: children's books and illustrations. More details to come!

Edited to add: whoops! I forgot to link to the original bluebird pattern. See, mine didn't quite look like that little guy.


Rebecca said...

holy cow, that bluebird is gorgeous. your pattern? are you sharing?

madre adoptiva said...

Cute~! Can't wait to see the finished product. :D

raining sheep said...

Groan! I have to clean our garage...but it will take renting a bin after the bathroom renos we did this past year....I think I will let the Babe do it and promise him a great dinner...I would rather cook than clean any day.!