Friday, May 16, 2008

"Kidlet as a kitty with her friend, two beds, and a mouse"

My mood has been icky lately so instead of spreading that around, here's something cheerful (see picture above).

One thing that doesn't make me feel icky is that I'm about 90% done with my little bird. This is the first stuffed toy that I've made that has made me down-to-the-bottom-of-my-heart happy. I can't wait to share.

I'm hoping to kick some booty in the yard this weekend but the weather might kick me...90 degrees?! We've leaped right into summer. I can say that now, but it isn't unusual to have a brisk Memorial Day. Well, if the weather kicks my booty, I will finish my bird, make sno-cones and try to find a new book to read. I can't commit to any book lately. Any suggestions?

Have a lovely weekend, friends. Blow some bubbles, will ya? I think I will.


Nessie Noodle said...

I would offer up a book, but my night stand is full of pregnancy and bringing home the baby books...

Have you picked up "Three Cups of Tea". I read that in Jan. and was hard pressed to put it down.

emily said...

i just read (and enjoyed) three junes. and also unaccustomed earth (short stories. good for my life!).

good luck, ani - whichever way the weather goes.

sending happy thoughts your way.

Rebecca said...

hmm. books you want...i've got suggestions.

highest tide by jim lynch

fieldwork by Mischa Berlinski

Double Bind Chris Bojalian

Rest of Her Life Laura Moriarity

you're not you Michelle Wildgen

maybe you can find one of these at your public library

madre adoptiva said...

Kidlet's drawings are so full of detail. They're very impressive!! BTW, W loved receiving her "letter" from her yesterday. :D

Anonymous said...

I just finished a book called "Love Walked In", which I found quite enjoyable, and a fairly fast read. It started off a little shallow, or so I thought, but I really loved it by the middle. I'm now partway in to one called "Water For Elephants," which I also like quite a bit.